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Behavior: Blue-black Grassquit -Courtship Display-

Updated: Oct 9, 2021

The Blue-black Grassquit  (Volatinia jacarina)  is a common and widespread species occupying a variety of open habitats from weedy fields to second growth throughout much of the neotropics from Mexico south through northern Chile and northern Argentina. 

Only member of the genus Volatinia, the Blue-black Grassquit performs a stunning jump display.  The courtship display consists of several repeated vertical jumps at about 50 to 90 cm high or more, from a perch.  These short flights allow the male to display a concealed white spot at the juncture of the wing and body while it utters its short buzzy song.

Several males gather at the same place, similar to a traditional lek, and perform conspicuous displays. Each male has different displaying rate and defends its small territory. However, the Blue-black Grassquit is not included into traditional lek mating behaviour. This species seems to be monogamous.

Watch The video about the courtship display at our Youtube Channel 

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