Birdwatching tours Panama
Birding tours Panama

We offer one of the largest selections of professionally organised, group bird watching holidays and wildlife tours in Central and Eastern Panama​.










3-4 Days birdwatching holidays and wildlife tours for birders and naturalist​.

Birdwatching tours Panama

Just Adventures Panama specializes in small Birding tours and Wildlife tours to the avian rich regions of Central and Eastern Panama.  We visit exceptional birding sites and enjoy high quality birds. Our groups are small and our guides are enthusiastic.

Volcano Hummingbird​


Forest LLano Carti
Forest LLano Carti
Ammo Ponds
Ammo Ponds
Altos de Campana National Park
Altos de Campana National Park

Panama is a rugged country with mountain chains running almost its entire length, broken only in the area of the Panama Canal. The western chain, the Talamancas, reaches higher elevations, including Volcán Baru (3475 m)
in Chiriquí province, the country’s highest peak. Cerro Tacarcuna (1875 m), part of the Serranía de Darien, is
the highest peak in eastern Panama.  There are also isolated mountain ranges on the Pacific slope in the Azuero Peninsula and in eastern Panama.  Coastal lowlands flank the mountains on both Caribbean and Pacific slopes.
However, in most of Panama the ranges are closer to the Caribbean coast, and on the Caribbean side extensive lowlands are found only in Bocas del Toro and western Colon Provinces.  On the Pacific slope the coastal plains are much wider, reaching up to 100 Km in width.



Birding in Panama

​Panama includes parts of five Endemic Birds Areas  (EBAS), covering about 70% of the country’s total area.

Three EBAS are shared with Costa Rica:


1.  Central American Caribbean slope (EBA 019)

2.  Costa Rica and Panama highlands (EBA 020)

3.  South Central American Pacific Slope (EBA 021).

Two EBAS are shared with Colombia:

4. Darien Lowlands (EBA 023)
5.  Darien Highlands (EBA 024)






A total of 104 restricted-range species are found in Panama, of which 8 are endemic to Panama alone.




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