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About Us

Just Adventures Panama specializes in small Birding tours and Wildlife tours to the avian rich regions of Central and Eastern Panama.  We are an owner-operated company that provides personalized service and the knowledge of Panama’s natural ecology that only a local company can offer. We are passionate about birdwatching, conservation and sharing Panama’s rich wildlife and habitats with others. We design our tours with your comfort and enjoyment as our highest priority. We find restful and relaxing travel allows you to fully enjoy your outdoor experience.

We follow the best traditions of field natural history, leading small groups of like-minded people in some of the best areas for wildlife that we know, and taking time to appreciate the natural history.

There are several critical elements that make an exceptional birding tour or nature tour in Panama with us:

​-In Panama you can  observe some of the most beautiful species of birds, explore the countryside as  well as experience the local culture. With our guides you can visit places that are off  of the beaten track, yet wonderful to observe.

-We have the area’s foremost birdwatching guides with extensive experience and local knowledge.  They know that having an enjoyable time is the key to the best birding tours.


-Our programs can accommodate the beginner to the advanced birdwatcher.  Experience wise, simply all you need is the love for the outdoors and nature.

​​-Including easy-going birding and wildlife adventures that can be enjoyed by everyone, exciting birding tours to just about every popular birding destination in Central and Eastern Panama.

Birding Tours Panama
Birdwatching tours Panama

Justo Camargo -Founder & Director Just Adventures Panama

Birdwatching tours Panama
Birding Panama
Birding tours Panama
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