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Justo Camargo is a Panamenian that dedicates throught his work  promote the conservation of the enviroment.  He studied 3 years of Biology at the University of Panama (Universidad de Panamá).


He has done field studies ranging from structure and functioning of tropical forests to Migratory Bird Census. In 2005 he launched his first publication on tropical birds: Common Bird Sounds from the Metropolitan Natural Park which was supported by USAID, the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation and the Cleveland Metroparks, being the first compact disc of bird sounds in a protected area in Panama.

His passion for nature began at a very young age and he was a T.V. host for government public television in a program entitled Ecoaventuras running from 2006 till 2009; a program that promotes the conservation and dissemination of protected areas of the country and other places of tourist interest. 

He had studied Mammals and participated as field technician in the ecological assessment of Escudo de Veraguas Island, Bird component for the future development of this land as a protected area.

He has also participated since 2005 in The Christmas Bird Count of the Panama Audubon Society, also as an environmental educator for the same organization and as a field technician in one of the last publications, a work entitled: Where To Find Birds in Panama.

Has also worked as a guide-instructor in birding activities and environmental education for the Smithsonian Institution.

Birdwatching tours Panama

Justo Camargo -Founder & Director Just Adventures Panama

Birding tours Panama
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