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Day Tours

The majority of all our wildlife tours focus primarily on birds, allowing us to offer many choice of birding tours.  

Our Bird watching tours  specialist recommends...

Try Pipeline Road & Surroundings and Metropolitan Nature Park for an excellent introduction to Central lowlands birds. I would recommend Bayano Region, – An exciting birdwatching tour to search several  endemics and specialties from the most western limits of Darien, while Llano-Carti Road offers a chance to search some hard-to-find species such as Sapayoa and Speckled Antshrike. -Justo Camargo



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Featured Tours


​​Duration: 6 hours

A birdwatching and wildlife tour visiting one of the most accessible protected area of the world.





​​Duration: 6 hours

Tour focusing on the rich birdlife of the Soberania National Park.


​​Duration: 8 hours

An exciting birdwatching tour of the rich natural and diversity offered by Bayano region.


​​Duration: 8 hours

A day tour in search of the birds of the Llano-Cartí Road, the border between Panama Province and Kuna Yala.

Just Adventures Panama Bird watching Tours

Why choose Just Adventures Panama bird tours?

​-In Panama you can  observe some of the most beautiful species of birds, explore the countryside as  well as experience the local culture. With our guides you can visit places that are off  of the beaten track, yet wonderful to observe.

-We have the area’s foremost  Bird Watching guides with extensive experience and local knowledge.

-Our programs can accommodate the beginner to the advanced birdwatcher.  Experience wise, simply all you need is the love for the outdoors and nature.

We offer so much more!

View all of our bird watching tours or call us now on +507.64460466

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