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Bayano Lowland Day Tour

September 18, 2013

Another good day  at Bayano lowlands, severals White-eared Conebill, a lot of migratory raptors such as Swainson Hawks and Broad-winged Hawks.  Other Raptor birds included Black-Hawk Eagle, Bat Falcon and Double-toothed Kite great sights!  Other highlights included:  Red-rumped Woodpecker and Rufous-winged Antwren. However, the best bird, a Black Antshrike  (regional endemic).

3 Days Birding Central and Eastern Panama with Mike Wolfe

September 16, 2013

Our first day we start at the famous Pipeline Road, some highlights included:  Golden-crowned Spadebill, Green-shrike Vireo and Black-capped Pygmy Tyrant.  The next day we birded at Bayano, our first birding stop at Mono River and we have great sighthings of eastern specialties, including White-eared Conebill, Black Antshrike, Black-headed Tody-Flycatcher and more! The last birding day at Llano-Cartí Road, we spotted the near endemic Stripe-cheecked Woodpecker, Dull-mantled Antbird and a mixed flock of Olive Tanagers and Lesser Greenlets. At Nusagandi we find a army ants swarm with many Ocellated and Bicolored  Antbirds. Other foothills specialities included: Twany-crested, Emerald and Sulphur-winged Tanagers, Tawny-capped Euphonia, White-ruffed Manakin, and much more!

Crested Owl Juvenile!

August 19, 2013

We spotted two Crested Owl, an adult and a juvenile at Soberania National Park.  Great find!

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