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Birding Spot -Altos de Campana National Park-

Location: Panama Province

Ecosystems: Humid tropical forest, very humid premotane forest, very humid tropical forest and premontane rainforest.

Central Coordinates: 79o 57.00' West 8o 42.00' North

Site description Altos de Campana National Park, 50 km west of Panama City near the town of Capira, includes Cerros Campana (1,007 m), Trinidad (988 m), Peña Blanca (907 m), and Los Monos (893 m) and the headwaters of the Capira and Chame Rivers on the Pacific slope, and the Trinidad River, part of the Panama Canal watershed, on the Caribbean slope. The low point (220 m) is on the Trinidad River in the northwest. The park is noted for its remarkable steep rock formations. The park is easily accessible by road and well known ornithologically.

Photo credits: Justo Camargo

References: BirdLife International (2014) Important Bird Areas factsheet: Altos de Campana National Park. Downloaded from on 02/08/2014

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